Medical Compass_ Evaluating Paleo and Mediterranean diets for cardiovascular outcomes

By David Dunaief, M.D.

Coronary heart illness will get plenty of consideration, as a result of it’s nonetheless the primary reason for demise within the U.S. We all know that weight loss program performs a big position on this, however so do our genes.

What if we might deal with genetic points with weight loss program?

A research involving the Paleo-type weight loss program and different historical diets suggests that there’s a vital genetic element to heart problems, whereas one other research wanting on the Mediterranean-type weight loss program implies that we might be able to cut back our threat components with way of life changes. A lot of the threat components for coronary heart illness, equivalent to hypertension, excessive ldl cholesterol, sedentary way of life, diabetes, smoking and weight problems are modifiable (1). Let’s have a look at the proof.

The position of genes

Researchers used computed tomography scans to take a look at 137 mummies from historical occasions internationally, together with Egypt, Peru, the Aleutian Islands and Southwestern America (2). The cultures had been various, together with hunter-gatherers (shoppers of a Paleo-type weight loss program), farmer-gatherers and solely farmers. Their diets weren’t vegetarian; they concerned vital quantities of animal protein, equivalent to fish and cattle.

Researchers discovered that one-third of those mummies had atherosclerosis (plaques within the arteries), which is a precursor to coronary heart illness. The ratio ought to sound acquainted. It aligns with what we see in trendy occasions.

The authors concluded that atherosclerosis may very well be a part of the getting older course of in people. In different phrases, it might be a results of our genes. Being human, all of us have a genetic propensity towards atherosclerosis and coronary heart illness, some greater than others, however many people can cut back our threat components considerably.

I’m not saying that the Paleo-type weight loss program particularly shouldn’t be useful in comparison with the usual American weight loss program. Slightly, that this research doesn’t help that. Nevertheless, different research exhibit that we will cut back our possibilities of getting coronary heart illness with way of life modifications, equivalent to with a plant-rich weight loss program, equivalent to a Mediterranean-type weight loss program.

Can we enhance our genetic response with weight loss program?

The New England Journal of Medication printed research in regards to the Mediterranean-type weight loss program and its potential impression on heart problems threat (3). Right here, two variations on the Mediterranean-type weight loss program had been in comparison with a low-fat weight loss program. Folks had been randomly assigned to 3 totally different teams. The 2 Mediterranean-type weight loss program teams each confirmed a few 30 % discount within the threat of heart problems, in comparison with the low-fat weight loss program. Examine finish factors included coronary heart assaults, strokes and mortality. Curiously, the chance profile enchancment occurred despite the fact that there was no vital weight reduction.

The Mediterranean-type diets each consisted of great quantities of fruits, greens, nuts, beans, fish, olive oil and wine. I name them “Mediterranean diets with opulence,” as a result of each teams consuming this weight loss program had both vital quantities of nuts or olive oil and/or wine. If the members within the Mediterranean weight loss program teams drank wine, they had been inspired to drink not less than one glass a day.

The research included three teams: a Mediterranean weight loss program supplemented with combined nuts (almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts), a Mediterranean weight loss program supplemented with additional virgin olive oil (not less than 4 tablespoons a day), and a low-fat management weight loss program. The affected person inhabitants included over 7,000 members in Spain at excessive threat for heart problems.

The energy of this research, past its high-risk inhabitants and its giant measurement, was that it was a randomized medical trial, the gold commonplace of trials. Nevertheless, there was a big flaw, and the outcomes must be tempered. The group assigned to the low-fat weight loss program was not, in reality, in a position to keep this weight loss program all through the research. Subsequently, it actually turned a comparability between variations on the Mediterranean weight loss program and a typical weight loss program.

What do the leaders within the discipline of heart problems and integrative drugs consider the Mediterranean weight loss program research? Curiously there are two opposing opinions, break up by discipline. It’s possible you’ll be shocked by which group appreciated it and which didn’t.

Cardiologists, together with well-known physicians Henry Black, M.D., who makes a speciality of hypertension, and Eric Topol, M.D., former chairman of cardiovascular drugs at Cleveland Clinic, hailed the research as an awesome achievement. This group of physicians emphasised that now there’s a giant, randomized trial measuring medical outcomes, equivalent to coronary heart assaults, stroke and demise.

However, the integrative drugs physicians, Caldwell Esselstyn, M.D., and Dean Ornish, M.D., each of whom stress a plant-rich weight loss program which may be considerably extra nutrient dense than the Mediterranean weight loss program within the research, expressed disappointment with the outcomes. They really feel that coronary heart illness and its threat components may be reversed, not simply diminished. Each clinicians have printed small, well-designed research exhibiting vital advantages from plant-based diets (4, 5). Ornish truly confirmed a reversal of atherosclerosis in one in every of his research (6).

So, who’s appropriate in regards to the Mediterranean weight loss program? Every opinion has its deserves. The cardiologists’ enthusiasm is warranted, as a result of a Mediterranean weight loss program, even one in every of “opulence,” will enchantment to extra members, who will then understand the advantages. Nevertheless, those that comply with a extra centered weight loss program, with higher quantities of nutrient-dense meals, will probably see a reversal in coronary heart illness, minimizing threat — and never simply lowering it.

So, what have we discovered? Even with a genetic proclivity towards heart problems, we will alter our cardiovascular destinies.


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Dr. David Dunaief is a speaker, creator and native way of life drugs doctor specializing in the mixing of medication, vitamin, health and stress administration. For additional info, go to

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